Silver  Star  Shipping  Line

Getting   there   is   half   the   fun


Silver star shipping line now has tickets but don't worry you can still come along for free.

Free Passenger: Free Passengers will get a detailed cabin and access to public areas but do have to wait to get onboard in the check-in building on the dock that the ship is currently docked at.

Paying Passenger Tier 1: Paying Passenger Tier 1 will get a suite with and has access to the pool onboard the ship and Paying Passengers Tier 1 get to have access to the pool and gym.

Paying Passenger Tier 2: Paying Passenger Tier 2 will get a large suite and has access to almost every area on the ship (Including crew areas but does NOT include the boiler rooms)

Paying Passenger Prices!
Paying Passenger Tier 1: 100 ROBUX
Paying Passenger Tier 2: 350 ROBUX

The links to the tickets